unlucky night out
Sunday, November 07, 2004 @ 3:50 AM 0 comments

I've been outdoors since Friday, and this is the first time I get to see my room since. I scattered all over Metro Manila with Bon and John Rae until today. After our class last Friday, where I was supposed to do my reporting but the professor decided to go to the 2nd leg of the report directly, Bon asked me if it would be ok with me if I wait for him 'til 9 pm that night. He's got two passes for The Basement in Eastwood City. I agreed to come but refused to wait until nine pm. So we settled it at eight.

Killing time, I went to the nearest computer shop, which was at the 2nd floor of the building behind the school which belonged to Apple's (my ex-girlfriend) family, to check my e-mail and my friendster account. I logged out at about 7:30pm then decided to go somewhere else. I found Apple downstairs and we had a little conversation over chocolate crinkles and cigarrettes. After 30 minutes of playing around with her, I headed for the bank beside the school were Bon and I agreed to meet. And finally, after another 30 minutes and 10 sticks of Marlboro Lights, he came.

First stop: Anne's house, Espana: around 9 pm
I left my calculator in Anne's bag the last time, so I had to go there. And with Anne having a crush on Bon and vice versa, the two were excited to see each other. We had iced tea and watched tv for awhile because we're waiting for John Rae to come home. We've been calling him since we arrived but he wasn't there. Then Louie came, one of Anne's two boyfriends, which also happened to be one of our friends in school. Obviously, they met through me. It was very apparent that he had insecurity problems. He'd act differently everytime Anne would get near me or Bon. He even asked Anne why she had to wear a spaghetti strapped shirt.

Second stop: Bon's House, UP Diliman: around 11 pm
I was welcomed graciously by his two monsters, Gabby and Cholo, a Labrador and a Pitbull respectively. They kept licking me, I was afraid Cholo seemed to want to rip my arm off. It's definitely not aware of his own size. It kept pushing me. While Bon's taking a shower, I ate empanada with the two dogs for company. We called his friend for the passes, but he said it were gone in the car with his sister. whatdowedonow? Good thing I had my own money.

Third stop: John Rae's House: Amorsolo, UP: 12 pm
JR hasn't taken a bath yet. I received a text message from Anne, telling me that she had a fight with Louie. Apparently, he really got jealous with Bon. She asked us to call her and we did as we waited for John Rae to get dressed. He didn't mind taking a bath. A little later, Tony, their friend, arrived with his Honda Civic.

Fourth stop: Metrowalk, QC: 12:30 pm
We were trying to get Bon off from Eastwood because Eloi, his legitimate girlfriend might be there. But Decades here was a little too crowded so we had no choice but to go somewhere else.

Fifth stop: Blue Onion, Eastwood City: 1:00 am
The faggot didn't want to go in The Basement so we had to settle for Blue Onion. The music was good. So was the place, but the crowd was a little off. Perhaps, it was because of the rain that not so many people were there. After almost 3 rounds of beer, we've decided to go to the Decades in Timog. I texted Shane because that was their usual gimik place, but she was in Roy's house in Rizal.

Sixth stop: Decades, Timog QC: 3:00 am
Tony didn't want Decades either. I'm not sure if he was really like that but Bon said he was better if Don is there. Tony was hitting for him. Tony said he'd have to leave for China on sunday. I'm not sure what he does for a living, he seemed to be rich, but quite stingy. So basically, he just dropped us off and left. If Blue Onion was lacking crowd, Decades was lacking space. Every corner is literally packed. I saw this pretty girl dancing, she looked really great, I even asked Bon to check her out. She was wearing a sexy black dress, which I'm not sure how to describe. We squeezed our way into the crowd, with bottles of beer in our hands, and danced along with them. It was too late for me to notice that the Black girl was already dancing in front of me. I was looking the other way. It's not until Bon nudged me, "Pare, harapan mo na 'yan!" that I realized what I've been missing out. She's dancing like a temptress and she's really pretty. Then, she smiled at me so I smiled back but just as I was about to speak, a mother fucking asshole came from behind her. Then they began talking. They seemed to know each other. I heard they were next door neighbors. That's when I've realized that the place is starting to clear out. Then we saw the Black girl leaving, too with the fucking guy and their friends. Hell, another lost chance.

Seventh stop: Irene's place, Intramuros, Manila: nearing 5 am
We had nowhere to go. JR's bro is gonna kill him 'coz they agreed he'll be home before two. And we can't stay in Bon's place because his Mom will get mad. And not in my house either! There's no way I can let my parents see me in this state. Our last chance was Irene's place. It took me that long not to see those guys and I never realized I'll gonna be needing that place again. Yeah, swallow pride. I thought I'd finally get a chance on Irene but she's got company. A guy, she said she'd met in the same place we were from. And a guy which is also familiar to me, Raffy. We were from the same batch and the same high school. Small world. I woke up at eleven am. Irene and that guy Raffy left at nine according to JR who was with me there. Bon stayed at Rem, his uhm-you know.

Eight stop: My house, Makati City: 1:30 pm
I asked them to go with me because my parents still have no clue where I was the whole time I was supposed to be home. I had to have a proof for the reason I have in mind. No one was there except for my cousin, Lael. My mother was at work and my father was in the store. I asked Lael to cook rice while we go see Papa. We told him we had to do our power point presentation. Bad bad bad. We went back home and JR cooked for us. Corned beef with eggs. We haven't realized until then that that's the first time we're gonna have a decent meal since last night. We tried to hurry (but failed) because JR and I still got class at 3.

Ninth stop: Back at Bon's house, UP: 5 pm
Yes. We didn't go to school after all. We realized we were too late. After a little explaining to his mother, we watched DVD: Troy. But I wasn't able to finish it because Bon asked me to come with him take a television at Rem's dorm. Leaving JR there, he called for a taxi and off we went. Upon arriving I felt really hungry so I went to 664 and had my dinner leaving Bon at the dorm. When I got back no one's answering my knock so I went home.

Nobody's home. The light's were all off. I went to the store, gave another run of my lies to my mom, took the key and went home. After dinner, I was feeling really tired. I left all my books on top of the dinner table then my mom came. I was attending to a text message that I haven't noticed I left some cigarrette sticks with my books. "Naninigarilyo ka ba?" , "Hindi! kailangan ko po yan! Gagawa kasi kong sulat." , Liar. liar. liar "Kalokohan!" I know she didn't believe me. Though she know I'd really do some love letters and roll it in a cigarette stick when I was younger. I'm sorry Ma. She's really health conscious, you know. For Christ's sake, she's a nurse.

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