cyberchallenge and donna
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This is totally Julius’ year. Today was another day of his accomplishments. He was one of the 10 finalists among a thousand entries, of the Tsinoy Cyber challenge, a web-designing contest organized by the Insular Life Company.

Jules, Roy Muriel and I, wearing formal wears that we looked liked prayer preachers, went to the exquisite Insular Life building in Alabang for the awarding. He may not have landed any of the Top 3 Major Awards but I take pride in saying that he is the only finalist from a non-computer related course.

A delectable cocktail dinner was served for the finalists and guests after the event. Then we proceeded to the nearby Fiesta Mall and played Bingo, for the first time in a place as such, before we parted ways.

When Muriel and I arrived in Palar, we went to Lina’s house where Donna is staying after she stowed away from home a few nights ago. Muriel told me she’d arrived black and blue all over then. She had managed to escape after she had loosened the chains her mother had shackled her up with. But that’s actually another story. One of those stories which makes me refuse to believe that you are who your friends are.

The three of us have spent time over beer at the videoke just along the lane were Lina’s room is. The night was highlighted by Donna’s singing, the first time I have actually seen her sing. She must be really deranged.

jc at the digital tour
Monday, March 28, 2005 @ 11:49 PM 1 comments

It’s Easter Sunday and this is the day that Jules has become a superstar or JC (Julius Cris) for that matter. I have just seen him at the i.e. xchange segment of his favourite TV show, the Digital Tour of Studio 23.

I was deeply impressed looking at him thru the boob tube sharing the viewers what he knows best. He talked about Trillian 3.0 blah blah blah… Things about computers I’ve never heard before.

I wish I could have been there for him even just to make him look better to complete that celebrity look. However, he had made it all well just the same. I’m sure his parents must be very proud. And I won’t be the least bit surprised if he has recorded his first TV appearance, anyway I think I’d like to see that again.

good friday procession
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Because my father is one of the members of the Pastoral Council in the St. Michael Church, the official church of the Fort Bonifacio camp, my whole family (except for Lael who manned the store in place of me) was compelled to join the Good Friday Procession.

The parade proceeded after the theatrical mass, where some of the Pastorals have worn sashes bearing the names of the 12 disciples and acted it out. We passed by the Fort Bonifacio clusters where some of my classmates in grade school lived. I even felt certain that I saw one of them but I never had the nerve to ask. At one stop (there were 14 stops, if I’m not mistaken, representing the Stations of the Cross), we prayed right in front of a Protestant church. Funny.

But what’s more funny is that, my sister told me she and John had gone back together. I knew it would happen, but not that soon. I know I should have known better.

Passing the Philippine Army Gym, my father asked me to push the cart containing the laid image of Jesus with them. I fiercely refused excusing myself for being dizzy. I don’t know why, but I felt bad after that.

I know the Alay-Lakad could have been a hundred times longer than the whole procession but I felt so tired back at the church and I’m still feeling bad about not getting to that Alay-Lakad. I know it was too ungrateful of me but the truth of the matter is, I’m not that used anymore being out with my own family.

doomed alay-lakad
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I inadvertently forgot that the traditional Alay-Lakad to Antipolo is held every Holy Thursday and not the Good Friday. I didn’t have time to prepare telling my parents about it because I was staffing the store since Holy Tuesday.

And none of my frat mates (who was always with me when I go there) had the guts to ask permission for me to my parents. It has been two years since the last time I have joined them in this yearly tradition that I even forgot when it was supposedly held. Last year I was with Jules in Bicol so I wasn’t able to come.

I waited for hours for anyone to fetch me in the store to tell me that my parents have already allowed me to come but no one did. I waited while I watched that Lenten Special over at Channel 7, Sa Kandungan ng Langit, which if I’m not mistaken, won in the New York TV awards.

It was another tale of hope and seeking acceptance, and yes, it has again moved me. The actors were great though I haven’t seen them before except for a few. It was a story about the leprosy-infected people who have been renounced by their own families because of their malady. It was impossible for anyone not to feel pity for them. They live together in solitude and find solace in one another while their own family lives away from them, mercilessly repulsive over their condition.

The main plot circles on forgiveness and acceptance, two of the hardest things we people can do. And for me, it was the perfect Holy Week special. The whole drama made me forget about that doomed Alay-Lakad.

annalyn-john break up
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My sister has broken her five-year relationship with John. I know it must be really tough on her. She tried to hold back her tears when she told me. It was a hard decision but she thinks she can’t grow not just as a person but also as someone who has dreams with John, ever depending on her.

She wanted John to realize his priorities and so did she and we both think that a man in his early thirties should have already realized that by now.

I know this is just the beginning for her and I just wish her the best of everything. I feel so sorry for her getting through all this but I know she would make it.

Seeing my sister's reaction to this whole thing, somehow, I still have this sneaking suspicion that they will be back together again.

marian, jules and my sister
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Muriel found out that I’ve no classes anymore and that I’m going to Marian’s house (Carl’s niece) to pakidala the Silversoul calendar and other stuffs to Carl’s sister who is in the country for vacation. Carl texted me about her arrival last Thursday and asked if we could send anything for him. Consequently, Muriel came with me.

Marian welcomed us amiably into their house in Estrada where only she and their house help, Beth met us. While we were talking, Muriel kept nudging me, she was keyed up to try on their videoke like we used to every time we went there when Carl was still here. I sheepishly told Marian about it but for some reasons, she forgot about it, to Yeye’s slight dismay.

A few minutes after Aikee arrived, Marian’s younger brother, and upon realizing that I couldn’t have the nerve to tell Marian again about the videoke, we bid them goodbye.

While having isaw and dugo along Estrada Street, the two of us were mulling over where to go next. She wanted to go to Jules’ house because she had stupidly promised him already that we would go to his house when she called him over at Marian’s. The original plan was, we go to Anette’s place after there and I was concerned about changing the plan. On the other hand, I was also worried that she might think I’m playing hard after all that’s happened between me and Jules. So in the end, she won and we went to Jules’ place in Abad Santos. Happy now, Miss (or Mister) Cunning?

I realized it was only a day after Jules’ sister, Julie Anne’s graduation and there was a celebration. Of course it had been an awkward moment between Julius and me but we have somewhat struggled to overcome that with their videoke (finally...) after we devoured pancit and those lip-smacking lumpias and it was amusing that not even the just-ended rift between Julius and me stopped me from eating many.

We belted songs even after Julie Anne’s real visitors left. And Jules, Muriel and I competed on singing the oldest songs we could until all the people in their house had gone to sleep. It was already a little before midnight when we left.

When I arrived home, I thought my day has already ended. But when I saw my sister with her puffy eyes, I knew I had to play a part. She was torn between ending up her five-year relationship with his boyfriend and sacrificing her own (and his) happiness for doing what she believes is right. And also, she thinks she’s falling for a co-worker who is attached, too.

I never really approved of John anywhere on those five years. Though I knew he made her happy and she loves him so much, I couldn’t help feeling irate every time she comes to me crying. And since the first time she did come to me with those eyes, it has always been my weakness to see other slightly horizontally-challenged women cry. It makes me want to embrace them to at least ease their sadness if only I could. This could may be attributed to the fact that for almost my whole life, I’ve been with my sister and my mother whom I’ve never really seen on smaller bodies. There was even a time earlier in college when I was still with Santy that I almost fell in love with a chunky girl in our class just because she looks like she’s always crying.

Tonight, I played counselor again and my sister slept crying after hearing the things I’ve said which I hope could help her alleviate her struggle and help her make the right decision.

pnu torchnight
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Friday afternoon, I’ve nowhere exactly to go. But just when I’ve decided to catch another movie, I got a call from Anette inviting me for a gimmick. I went to see her, Marvin, and their pals at their usual hangout, Ayala Billiards. It turned out that it was their torch night (usually termed as turn over night) and Anette wanted us to watch them being passed with torches by the graduating students in the Philippine Normal University open field.

They were dressed up in Filipinianas (reminiscent of my sister’s grad ball, where I, Jules and Ryan were escorts) with red cloths draped from their elbows down, while the 4th years, in blue.

I, together with Marvin and Henry (Sugar’s beau) watched the whole thing impatiently under a mango tree at a corner of their university’s ample field. The ceremony lasted for almost three hours and most of which were wasted on their relatively sluggish procession. They looked like angels in the night while they raised their lit-torches as the ceremonies ended with their cheering which almost made them look like the Katipuneras shouting their battle cries.

Later, the planned gimmick was thwarted as we settled for the nearer but more practical Ayala Billiards, again. There we waited for many hours before any of the VIP rooms were vacated. And briefly after Mench arrived (in slippers, oh boy) past midnight, one of them finally opened. We had beer, as usual, as we got on with the videoke. Henry’s friends also joined us, who later attested to be a bunch of desperate singers just like us.

Marvin stayed in my house for the night after we fetched Mench and Anette to their respective places. And in the morning, it proved to be a tough act for my sister to wake us up. She said we were sleeping in the same position not exposing our faces and since we were almost of the same color, and as he was wearing my shorts, she had a hard time telling who was me.

third term ends
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The third quarterm officially ended for me last night, as I took my last Final exam in ACDC. And I still don't know what this summer's in store for me. Will I get kicked out again? I dunno'. It makes me feel anxious just thinking about it and everytime I do I can taste that kick out stamp again.

I just realized how certified worry freak I am. Two of my classmates had lower averages than mine but they didn't seem in any way rattled. They were still fooling around as we made our way down the stairs last night, while I see terror in my eyes.

Uugh! I guess I wouldn't be getting any good sleep until I see my grades on April 4.

million dollar baby
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It’s almost rare these days that we get to see a movie with a good substance and depth. So when I’ve decided to see Million Dollar Baby over the French movie, Love me if you Dare, I knew I made the right choice.

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wrong poster

Though it’s a little late already, the Oscar trophies guided me with the decision. I also wanted to know if it’s a really good movie and fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed. I may not have seen the other Oscar contenders but the actors here have really given out outstanding performances.

It was the story of Maggie Fitzgerald, a woman in her early thirties who considers herself nothing more than ‘trash’. And here, Hilary Swank was perfect. Just looking at her can make you cry. You could see in her eyes the sadness, the determination and longing for acceptance, which Maggie aimed to get. You would feel her courage to become a boxer and she was believable that you can taste her angst in every blow.

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Frankie begrudgingly trains Maggie

You would smile at Clint Eastwood (playing Frankie Dunn) as he reluctantly trains Maggie, being a boxing trainer. While old good Morgan Freeman, who plays the doomed fighter, Scrap, looks on.

Image hosted by

Maggie found solace in Scrap's inspiring words

Unquestionably, this movie is a certified tearjerker. Anyone who have sought acceptance once in their lives could relate to this movie as we see Maggie finds that place she deserves. This early, I must say, this is going to be the movie of the year.

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boxer at work

hair scare
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I bumped into Muriel this evening as I went home after my Finals. She asked for my phone because she wanted to look for somebody's number. I picked my pocket and handed my phone to her. To the horror of the both of us, a single strand of what seemed like a pubic hair was sticked to the casing.

She began laughing as I denied ownership of the hair violently, stifling a laugh.. Geeeezzzzzz..

what's in a name change?
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After Tiger, Boone and Zoom, I've finally made up my mind. The new dog's permanent name will be Cody. My sister was understandably annoyed about the (4th) new name announcement. It's Cody.. That's final, promise.

day of opportunities
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Finally, the United Mapuans have been given permit to rally in front of the Yuchengco owned-RCBC Plaza yesterday afternoon. But before I joined the rally, I met up with Bon and I accompanied him to the Makati City Hall to verify his father's case hearing (something about a corporate case).

After finding out that the schedule is still unavailable, we went off to RCBC Plaza, passing the Mapua Makati as we made our way. The rally was just beginning when we arrived there at about 1pm and I took it as an opportune time to claim my long overdue unclaimed voter's ID at the COMELEC located at the second floor of the Fire Station nearby.

At quarter before two, the two of us left to catch our 3pm classes. Then the first of the two hell weeks (incidentally, the last for the whole term) went on as usual.

At 7:30pm, I took my last quiz in my ACDC class. I went out of the room with a terrible headache an hour and a half later. Then I met up with Mench at the salon then together feeling religious, we went to the Quiapo church as we went home. I took it as an opportunity to pray and reflect. I know I haven't been a good boy so I apologized about the bad things I've done recently. I also asked Him guidance for my Finals next week. If I don't do good, I could risk getting kicked out again.

I did all those prayers with the guilty feeling that I am not worthy to be talking to him after all. I don't think I even deserve being inside his church.

open letter
Friday, March 11, 2005 @ 12:52 PM 2 comments

Today, Mapua president, Reynaldo B. Vea has tried another attempt to pacify the students despite weeks of protests and rallies to stop the name change through an open letter printed in broadsheets, particularly the Philippine Daily Inquirer and the Philippine Star.

The following is what he said in the letter:

To Mapua Students, Parents and Alumni:

Over the next five years, we shall be taking strategic moves towards elevating the school's quality of education to attain university status. As this develops, we wish to reassure our students, parents and alumni that the name Mapua Institute of Technology shall remain.

This reaffirms our earlier statements to the Mapua community that all currently enrolled studets as well as incoming freshmen will be receiving diplomas and transcripts of records under the name, Mapua Institute of Technology.

This is to ensure a smooth transition as we implement programmed changes in support of our thrust to achieve not only a university status but also interdisciplinary excellence and global recognition. Foremost of these changes will be the offerring of academic degree programs in at least five independent fields of study.

In line with this objective, Mapua started I.T. programs in 2000; Biotechnology in 2003; Nursing and Engineering Management in 2004. This year we are initiating new degree offerrings in Business Management, Accounting and Psychology.

We understand the enormous tasks that lie ahead as we endeavor to achieve all these plans. We firmly believe that together, we shall accomplish what we have envisioned for Mapua- to be an international center of excellence.

Reynaldo B. Vea, Ph.D
Mapua Institute of Technology


Mr. Vea has failed to inform us what will happen to the name 'Mapua' after five years. Through his open letter, he is obviously trying to get with the Mapuan spirit (with the Mapua logo background and all), but an inspiring facade is not what we want. Apparently, he is carefully trying to get away with one of the primary issues here that is what we are fighting for: the assurance that Don Tomas Mapua's legacy will not be destroyed. Not in five years. Never.

What they are obviously trying to do here is to silent the present student body (less the student council) with the affirmation that we will get Mapuan diplomas and transcript of records, but what about the aspiring future Mapuans? How about the people who look up to the school just because of its name? Is it that easy for them that in the name of bigger income, they will destroy an institution that has been a foundation to engineering excellence in the country? Surely, Malayan Colleges, if pushed through, would not be able to get the honor the Mapua has kept in 80 years even given a millennium.

By the way, I forgot to say what I think about the ultimate traitor of the year: the Central Student Council. They are a bunch of horrible ass-kissers. They've been kissing Vea's and Yuchengco's since this whole thing erupted. Talk about shame.

Thursday, March 10, 2005 @ 3:55 PM 0 comments

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There's another protest outsdide the school. I actually thought we were going to Makati and have the rally in front of the RCBC building there, but I can't find Bon and any of my classmates and the buses that were supposed to take us there.

I have claimed this morning my protest buttons and pins. Hehe.. Feels like a true-blooded Mapuan!

mocking victory
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There has been a WILD confusion today. The Central Student Council released a statement which contains the following letter:

To: The Student Body
Mapua Institute of Technology

The past three weeks have been very emotional for the entire Mapua community, for our alumni, the faculty members, the administration officers, and most especially for us, the students of Mapua Institute of Technology. All this time, we have been clamoring for the name of our beloved alma mater to be retained, and now, we gladly impart to you the victory that we share.

The Central Student Council has had talks going on with the president of our Institute, Dr. Reynaldo B. Vea, for the past three weeks. We have relayed each and every bit of concern that the students would like to address to the administration. With the approval of the Board of Trustees, they have agreed to give us what we asked for. Attached herewith is the news article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, dated March 5, 2005, stating:

"...The school would continue to use the name Mapua Institute of Technology in its record with the CHED as well as official documents and records."
"...the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the change in the name of the school to Malayan Colleges Inc. but with stipulation that it was 'operating under the name 'Mapua Institute of Technology'."

This means that Mapua shall retain its name and its graduates shall receive the same diploma and transcript of records as before.

The management has given back the students the name of our alma mater and they still intend to pursue their noble intention for aiming for a university status. Thus, given this situation, the Malayan Colleges shall be operating under the name Mapua Institute of Technology (for a period of (5) years) as indicated on the lower part of our diplomas (also attached herein). Meanwhile, in this five-year period, the previous proposals of our alumni, as well as the students shall be carefully put into serious consideration where it could possibly be put into action (for the proposals, refer to open statement of the CSC dated Feb. 15, 2005).

By far, we can say that we can finally reap the fruit of our labor and perseverance. We, the officers of the Central Student Council, give our sincerest appreciation to everyone who took part and played especially big roles in helping us attain what all of us were after.Your efforts to show passion in fighting for our cause has not gone to waste for it has helped greatly in securing the favorable response of the management, have share in the past week.

We are on the road to victory for we have chosen to take responsibility in preserving the legacy of our beloved Don Tomas Mapua and now it has been given to us. The future of our alma mater is in our hands; it is left up to us, to uphold and to continue the fight in building the honor and the glory of our Mapua Institute of Technology by doing well in our present and future undertakings as Mapuans. We must continue to be the excellent builders of our nation as envisioned by Don Tomas.

Viva Mapua! God Bless.

CSC Officers

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Ang sarap pakinggan, hindi ba? but here's what United Mapuans got to say:


THERE IS ANOTHER ADMIN-INSTIGATED CONFUSION CAMPAIGN TO WEAKEN OUR RANKS. Their tactic is to tell the students and faculty that Mapua name will be retained for a few years (4 and 1/2 years) and will then transition to Malayan University.

Mapua Institute of Technology Inc. has already been killed last year (Dec. 14, 2004) and superseded by Malayan Colleges Inc. (According to the latest document obtained from the Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, Malayan Colleges operating under the name MIT is UNACCEPTABLE.)









all in only 21 hours
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The previous weekend has been the longest in my life. It could have even passed for a world record for the longest time I have been awake. Since I woke up last friday morning, I never had the chance to get a shut eye again before sunday morning.

Friday evening, I hurried to Santy's wedding rehearsal after my class which ended at 9pm. The rehearsal was scheduled for 8pm at the Iglesia ni Cristo Tayuman locale, so when I arrived at 30 minutes past 9, they had already left.

I immediately called Santy, who had already fetched his cousins who attended the rehearsal to their homes with Cathy and some others, and met up with them back at the Jollibee below the Tayuman LRT station. I went with them to Cathy's house and collected our invites before going back to Jollibee where Mench waited for me.

After taking her home and having cochinta (courstesy of the puto peddler outside their building) with her, I headed home just to take a shower and have a bite before setting off again. That was already 12pm and my mother was actually reluctant to let me go but I told her I had to be in school at 4am for the M.E. Day assembly time (really, it was 6) so I had to sleep in my friend's house which is nearer to school. The original itinerary for that night was, I go back to Cathy's place after going home to leave my barong and my pants and shoes to be used in their wedding but Mama offered to do that for me in the morning which made it a little easier for me.

Around 2am, I arrived at Rem's dorm where Bon was waiting for me. God knows what they were doing before I arrived that it took them ages to open the door. Then we set off to Bon's house in UP Diliman where I was supposed to 'sleep', I had already decided to sleep over Rem's place, but out of respect to Bon (I promised I'll be staying over his) I opted to go with him.

As expected, I wasn't able to sleep. We have spent the whole time either smoking outside or bottlefeeding his puppies (one of them became mine a few hours later) which were crossbreds of his Labrador and Pitbull. At 5am, I was already on my way to school only to realize that I have left my cellphone upon reaching Philcoa so I had to go back in his house again.

At 6:30am I was already on my heels and upon arriving in Mapua, I found out that the buses had already gone. I called a classmate who hitched to another classmate's car but they told me they were already at the the north expressway so they couldn't go back for me. I found a batch 2002 stud who was left just like me and we decided to commute using the LRT and two jeepneys and looked for the 4k Resort together in Bulacan.

We arrived just as the other students were unloading the buses so nobody really noticed we were late. The place wasn't that good, I was imagining it to be a little different to fit for the 400 pesos I paid but I think a hundred bucks could have done it. I joined Leody's group in the absence of Bon and Roy but I wasn't really sure if it was a good idea. My breakfast had been Emperador and tuna.

Already intoxicated, I messed around with Apple(not my ex) who was doing the barbecue at the other table. I pretended to help while I stole some of the cooked ones for my own table. Hehe.. she later found out and shooed me away.

After a series of swimming laps in the hope to get the booze out of my head, I left the resort at 12 noon. I don't actually remember how I got out from Bulacan but I guess I got on the wrong way. The jeep I was riding took the McArthur highway instead of the NLEX so I arrived at the wedding an hour late. My dreams of getting inside an INC church were crushed, I didn't make it to Santy's entourage and they were already leaving when I arrived.

After the reception at the Orient Pearl we still proceeded to Santy's place in Bulacan. We had the whole night singing our way in videoke. Sing to sawa as Santy put it.

At 12mn, I wasn't still ready to call it a night. I promised Mama to bring home the puppy Bon promised me last year so after bidding the Silversoul goodbye at the Monumento, I took a bus on my way to Quezon avenue then another jeepney to UP Diliman.

Bon said it was the right time fo me to get it despite the fact that it was barely a month old. Someone else is claiming it who seemed to be very important to his mother that it's hard for her to refuse though she know that it was already mine. Bon said I could've lost it to that someone if I didn't get it that night.

On my way home, I felt exaggerated about carrying the puppy. I covered it with a t-shirt as Bon had instructed because he told me it was prone to cold and sickness. It was a good thing that the puppy, whose name I have yet to give up to now, was well behaved all through my trip to Makati.

Around 3am, the two of us finally arrived home and I realized that my Dachschund, Dagul, didn't actually want the idea to have another dog in the family. He was keeping distance all the time. But at that time I didn't really care because I was too exhausted to. I have been (or had to be) up and awake for the last 30 hours and all I could think was have a long sound sleep. It was only this morning that I realized how affected he was. He was covered with a blanket when I woke up. My sister told me he got fever.

NAMA and the students joined forces
Thursday, March 03, 2005 @ 11:48 PM 0 comments

The protest rally today has been the most triumphant so far. With the NAMA (National Association of Mapua Alumni) and some parents finally out on our side, our power seemed to have tremendously skyrocketed.

We now have a better sound system (bye to the dysfunctional megaphone) and a larger crowd. The NAMA had provided for that and promised to give us everything we will need in the future including the signature of their president, which is needed in getting a protest permit which was refused by our very own Central Student Council (CSC). Only a signature from a school-accredited organization is honoured in the City Hall of Manila in seeking such.

While the previous rallies only lasted for 2-4 hours or so, this one lasted for almost the whole day. And at their colleagues prodding, some professors even walked out of the school and finally spoken up. Some of them who were peeking at the empty corridors of the south building suffered from an intense mocking from the crowd.

There were those emotional moments that had really moved me, especially when a concerned mother lamented that she felt betrayed by the abrupt change and because she herself is a wife and sister to Mapuans. Some of the speakers had broken voices that you could feel the angst and their frustration toward the administration’s plan through the speaker. The crowd participation was totally overwhelming, we gamely joined in the waving and the shouting of the VIVA MAPUA! repeatedly and even sang the Alma Mater song, but with lyric copies of course.

I have never seen the Mapua students and alumni this united before and it feels so good and at home to see us fighting this battle together.

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“It is not easy to build. It is always easy to destroy. To build anything the builder needs ability, courage, stamina and dedication. If he must succeed, he must have faith in God, in himself and in his co-builders.”
- the first registered Filipino Architect, Don Tomas Mapua

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this undated photo shows a scene inside the Mapua Makati Campus.

@ 5:29 PM 0 comments

This issue have been blown too much out of proportion. My very own journal recently has been a battleground of another kind for me that I even seemed to be the antagonist in my very own message box. I have actually decided to keep mum about this because I thought that is what is right. But right now, many people have already been affected and even my family has been unnecessarily dragged into this muddle so I think I might as well have to clear things out.

My family, just like any other families, has its imperfections. And just because I have been very outspoken with these flaws to other people doesn’t give anyone the license to speak ill of my family and any attack made on anyone of them, especially from people whose family I have considered my own, will be very hard for me to forget.

My recent actions were not triggered by mere jealousy, like what has been said. This is a matter of disloyalty and how my family has ever been hauled to this, I can’t figure out.

For the best part of my life, I have been honest (or tried at least) and loyal to all of my friends. I’ve never really chosen the things to say about myself that it’s easy for them to say what I am thinking at any given time. And the only thing I want in return for my loyalty to them is their loyalty back to me. I don’t really care how much they want to say about themselves, I just want them to be loyal and true to me as I am to them (which is how it’s really supposed to be).

Like anyone else, I used to have jealousy attacks of course, but I have overcame all that because I know how to trust regardless of previous transgressions done against me as opposed to what some people accuse me. I would have never endured eight years of my life had I not learned how to do that.

I want this to be the last time I will ever have to talk about this. I don’t want to explain anymore, some people are accusing me to be someone they surely know I am not. The most important thing right now is change, which is far more meaningful than an apology. And I am not pointing fingers here, as someone might add, because I think I need that too.

‘Almost’ is never synonymous to the word ‘Exact’.

outing or wedding?
Wednesday, March 02, 2005 @ 4:30 AM 0 comments

Call this school and peer pressure combined.

Santy's wedding is on Saturday and so is the Mechanical Engineering Day. Of course, it could have been easier to choose which one to go, I am a part of Santy's entourage and surely, I can't let him down on what could be the most important day of his life. But when Engineer Magon from my Elements class announced this morning that he will give a perfect 100 points(Read: 1 whole quiz) incentive for those who will attend, I just can't make up my mind.

Darn it!

boycott galore
Tuesday, March 01, 2005 @ 3:56 PM 0 comments

There had been another boycott rally today, which I and my classmates have taken to our advantage. Most of us weren’t able to come up with a ventilation design system. Of course, that includes me. It’s really puzzling that none of my classmates even seemed worried about not having it, while I was almost freaking out.

The rally this time, I must say, was successful. I’m starting to believe that great things happen unexpectedly. Nobody announced for any scheduled protest today but when the frat people blocked the school gates, everything else went great.

We gathered right in front of the Mapua. The joy-killers, who pursued to enter the school by entering at the north gate opened by the guards, suffered mockery from the mass. There was a motorcade cum noise barrage, to the delight of the frenzied loyalists. This had proven effective because according to Bon, their class were cut short because the professor was irritated by the noise outside.

ABS-CBN’s Carmelita Valdez dropped by again with her camera crew as she even joined briefly the noise barrage, which stimulated further the rampaging crowd.

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